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Build a more resilient body, get muscle and movement strong, so you can move younger, longer. 

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EUPHORIA Bodies in Motion gives you the opportunity to improve your body in every way and make you feel better about it. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete pushing your performance, EUPHORIA brings to you a variety of Group Classes that aim to help you build your body, make it healthier, fitter, and muscle and movement strong.

our staff

A team of trainers with a dynamic and motivational approach, who create an empowering environment is ready to inspire you to reach your goals.

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Engomi Athienou

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Choose one of our pricing plans below and enjoy unlimited visits. 

* One-time registration fee applies on all plans (€10)
** Daily passes are also available. Contact us for more information
and prices.

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Address: Michail Georgalla 4, 2409 Engomi

Tel: 22270122, 96695949


Address: Arch. Makariou III Avenue 27, 7600 Athienou

Tel: 24524141

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